January 16, 2015

Discover: Yves Rocher + Mini Giveaway

Hello beautiful people,
Today I'm going to talk about a brand that is very dear to my heart, and you little genius would've guessed it - it's Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher, a French cosmetic company that was created by Yves Rocher, for more than 50 years has developed products infused with active botanical ingredients that suit every woman, their unique Botanical Beauty expertise allows each woman to get custom skin care and tested under dermatological supervision. Yves Rocher researchers have a thorough knowledge of botanicals, essential to understanding them, but also protecting them. Yves Rocher botanists and ethno-botanists also travel the five continents to explore the botanical world and discover the most efficient plants for you. (more information here)
Rocher is one of the forerunners in developing and promoting the use of naturally-derived and plant-based ingredients in skin care and beauty products, offering amazing quality along with being quite affordable.

Yves Rocher was the first makeup brand I had every purchased, I was perhaps 12 years old and would constantly plead my mother to buy me makeup. She would only let me buy this brand due to the fact that it was not the average chemical filled makeup that you find in stores. And as you can see, it has resulted in some might fine skin. Just kidding! But joking aside, the organic compounds actually help your skin instead of clogging it like traditional makeup. 

The brand offers all kinds of products such as makeup, fragrances, body care, bath and shower, and hair care. 
As much as I love their makeup, I am a much bigger fan of their skin care line, not only because the quality is incredible, which I could almost compare with some very expensive high-end skin care, but also because of how they're organized. They divide categories by skin type and specific skin care needs. They have aimed to target products for nearly everything and in great details.
Yves Rocher’s organic skin care line, Point Vert, comprising of formulations with up to 85% organic extracts which is, I don't know if you realise, incredible. 
On their website you can even see where they get their plants from as well as a section that helps you select which product would fit best for you which can be incredibly helpful for a first time client. (more information here)
Notice that Marlena from Makeup Geek rated their lotion 5/5!

Points to note:
- For the majority of the products you purchase, the Yves Rocher Foundation will plant a tree. So you will not only get brilliant products from your skin but you’ll also help the environment by indirectly planting forests; even though you’re not doing it yourself, you are actually responsible for the trees being planted so you can totally be proud about that.
- Most products are available in general and travel size.
- No matter what your order is, you'll always get free samples (depending on how faithful you are to the brand, you can get up to full sized expensive products).


Now, for a mini giveaway, I'd like you to try these 3 amazing shower gels that I have been using for the past decade.
I had a bunch of other products to give away but at the final moment I noticed how incredibly complicated it is for me to parcel cosmetics to Bangladesh from France, so that's all I could do for now. However, there's more coming. :)

Pomegranate from Spain, Tiare Flower from Polynesia and Green Lemon from Mexico - all 3 from the Jardin du Monde collection;
- Paraben free
- More than 98% natural ingredients
- pH neutral for skin
- Easily biodegradable formula
- Recyclable bottle
- 8.4 fl.oz./250 ml per bottle bottle

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